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Custom Order

15mm Custom Size Chrome Bottle Cap

Pricing: $600.000
Ship Date TBD

Custom Manufactured 15mm Chrome Bottle Cap for Jesse Limones, Jr.

Bottle cap replica will measure 15mm across the top crown of the bottle cap. This measurement does not include the skirt area of the bottle cap. The first 10,000 would cost $600 and shipping is free within the continental US. After your first order you could order as needed with a minimum order of 1,000 caps. Orders over $25 would include free shipping within the continental US.

Price breakdown for reorders:
1000-1900 - $0.089
2000-2999 - $0.845
3000- 9999 - $0.083
10000+ $0.06

*Your 15mm bottle cap will be replicated in this smaller size as close as possible to an actual standard bottle cap.
**We cannot guarantee that the cap will crimp perfectly for your application.

We will receive a sample that we will pass on to you for approval and then your product will arrive at our warehouse in Idaho on a container from China. Then it will be shipped immediately to you. This process will take some time because we will miss getting this new item onto our next container, which is set to ship within the next week. After that we will run into Chinese New Year which slows everything by a month or so. My best estimate is about 4 months from start to finish. We are able to speed the timeline some by having the order shipped directly to you from China but the air ship cost will be $100-$200.

*Best estimate for sample arrival is 1-2 months