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2 oz 3D Crystal Lacquer
2 oz Bottle Crystal Lacquer

2 oz 3D Crystal Lacquer

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3D Crystal Lacquer - 2oz.

3D Crystal Lacquer does not irritate the skin, eyes or lungs, therefore it can be used safely in a number of environments.

Use 3D Crystal Lacquer to form a crystal clear layer over your paper when making your pendant or bottle cap projects.

No Odor!
Quick Drying!
Dries to a clear glass-like finish.
Little to no bubbles, dries hard and has a very nice clear shine.

Tips for using 3D Crystal Lacquer

- Make sure your work area is free of dust.
- Use and store at room temperature.
- DO NOT SHAKE. It can create air bubbles.
- Have extra tissue, cotton swabs, toothpick or pins handy for corrections.
- Normal drying time can vary. Larger areas and thicker application will take longer to dry.
- When dried completely, it will appear clear.
- After you finish the project, wash the applicator tip with warm running water.

Air Bubbles can be caused from a variety of ways.

- Air bubbles in the 3D Crystal Lacquer can be caused from shipping. To help with this: Do not shake the bottle before applying! Store bottle upside down (if possible) to allow the bubbles to rise.
-Air may be inside the tip - when using, apply the first few drops on a paper towel instead of on your project.
-Air pockets form below where the lacquer is applied. Possibly from under your image (or whatever you put on the cap). Insuring you've used the best possible glue is important, and making sure you've pressed down the image firmly will also help.

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