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Blemished -1/16" Hole Punch
1/16" (1.8mm) Hole Punch - SEE DESCRIPTION

Blemished -1/16" Hole Punch

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Blemished 1/16 inch Bottle Cap Hole Punch

If you're looking for a good deal on a punch that will work but has a few flaws then this is the punch for you. This blemished hole punch has been tested and punches a hole in bottle caps.

  • Missing the spring that automatically opens the punch
  • Replacement pin that typically comes with a new 1/16 inch punch is not included
  • All sales of this product are final.
The 1/16" (1.8mm) hole punch is a hand held tool for punching a small hole in your bottle cap or any another thin metal object. It is most commonly used for adding a jump ring or a split ring to bottle caps.

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