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Bottle Cap Co. and Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Bottle Cap Co. and Extreme Makeover Home Edition
The Rucker Family Extreme Home Makeover Episode was originally aired back in 2011 and the links below have expired but we were so proud and excited to have been a part! What an amazing family and a strong little girl.

Bottle Cap Co. was honored to have the privilege of
supporting the Rucker Family and Extreme Makeover
Home Edition with bottle caps and supplies.

1.) Get the details of this amazing family's story
Also find out the exciting ways that this family and EMHE made use of bottle caps!

2.) Browse Extreme Makeover's Rucker Family photo gallery
Including bottle cap art inspired by one of Anaiah's drawings.

3.) Tour the Rucker Family's home.

4.) Watch a short clip from the playhouse reveal.
See if you can spot the bottle cap art! Don't blink or you might miss it :0)

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