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Bottle Cap Cupcake Toppers

Bottle Cap Cupcake Toppers
Bottle Cap cupcake toppers are quick, creative, easy and fun! Perfect for themed parties, sports parties, birthday parties and more. Plus your kids will love 'em!


Bottle Cap Cupcake Topper Ideas

Add some spirit to your halloween party food decor!

Valentine's day party fun! Add a magnet to the back before attaching to the popsicle stick for an easy party take home gift. (3D Crystal Lacquer works well because it holds the bottle cap magnet to the stick but easily pops off when your guest is ready to take it home.)

Include an "Up" style pin on your cupcake and doubles as a unique take home gift.

Customize a bottle cap image to make your son or daughter feel like the star of the party! Editable PDF Image Sheet pictured here is sold here:

Sparkly Mini Bottle Cap Bobby Pins can become party of the cupcake bling and double as a unique take home gift. Perfect for princess parties!

Flattened bottle cap ring cupcake bling! Get your ring base here: Then attach your Flattened Bottle Cap design to it!

Dinosaur Jumbo Cap Magnet attached to a popsicle stick! Kids love it!

Basketball team party cupcake decor! Customize it with your team logo and/or names and numbers of each player! Perfect for those little all-stars in your life! Custom Bottle Cap Image sheet sold here:

Band party cupcake bling and take home gifts.

Mini Cap cupcake decor / take home gift! Mini Cap Rings sold here:

Pretty and pink flattened bottle cap cupcake topper ideas.

More theme party cupcake topper ideas! Petal Caps sold here:

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