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Bottle Cap Idea Snap Shots

Bottle Cap Idea Snap Shots
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bottle cap necklace with charms bottle cap necklace with charms
bottle cap necklace with charms

Reader Comments

Date 9/12/2012 10:06:59 AM
I have purchased a variety of your products and love them. I was wondering the best way to attach my art w/epoxy dot onto the bottle cap so that it looks smooth and flush. I have used hot glue but there is a little lip when attached to the top of a cap, but it seems to work good for the inside of the caps. What is the trick for the top of the cap? Thanks!
Date 9/13/2012 8:41:28 AM
Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the question. It is a little bit tricky to get the image added cleanly to the top of the cap because there is a very slight dome to bottle caps. I like to use E6000 Glue under the image and as the glue is drying set the cap down and press down around the edges. I've tried using the edge of a pencil or really anything smooth to run along the edges of the image a few different times as the glue is drying. Then once the glue is dry add the epoxy dot to the top. Also ou
Date 9/28/2012 10:23:21 AM
Irene Lallemand
Where can I buy images like Justin Beaber or NFL teams. Thank You
Date 9/28/2012 10:42:21 AM
Hi Irene, thanks for the question! We don't carry any Justin Bieber images at this time, we may carry them some time in the future. The only suggestion I have to find images is to search for them online, there isn't a place that I know of that sells them. As for the NFL images, we unfortunately can't sell them because of copyright issues, which is also why other companies and persons can't sell or re-distribute them either.
Date 10/10/2012
Do you have any images of cars or tractors or dogs or cats? Would rather have the name instead of picture of vehicle or tractor.
Date 10/10/2012
Hi Edward, unfortunately at this time we don't have any images of animals or vehicles. Sorry about that, I hope you find what you're looking for! :)
Date 11/19/2012
Sharla Fenwick
Would like to order beer bottle caps in future. Maybe you will consider getting them in soon. They would appeal to male customers. Could reach a broader customer base if you had them available. I've searched on-line for them, but they are nearly impossible to find. Let me know if you can offer them in future. Thanks, Sharla Fenwick
Date 11/20/2012
Hi Sharla, Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately at this time we are focusing on vintage soda and soda caps rather than beer caps. But we will keep your suggestion in mind! :)
Date 5/23/2013
judith armstrong
I've examined your pictures and can't figure out what you're doing for bails, some look like they're part of the cap. Just discovered this craft and can't wait to get started. Suggestions for attaching to ribbon necklaces please. thank-you. judith

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