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Bottle Cap Wedding DIY Ideas

Bottle Cap Wedding DIY Ideas


Create your bottle cap "Save The Date" magnet... using our standard bottle caps, epoxy dots and 1/2" magnets! I recommend using thick paper because regular computer paper doesn't work so well with E-6000 glue. It usually bleeds through and blurs the image.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes the buzz of wedding season! I began noticing some really fun craft ideas on Pinterest for weddings which included the use of bottle caps! I figured I had to try some of the ideas out with our products and see how they worked. After some trial and error, I found a few ideas that I loved!


My favorite idea was using the bottle caps as a "Save the Date"; it's unique and so much cheaper than paper save the dates! Weddings are all about love, so using our Heart Caps was a no brainer.

Here's How:
To make this one, I typed the words up on the computer and then printed it out. I chose to keep it clean and simple by using white paper and a brown and pink color scheme, but there are endless options. For example you could use scrap paper or an engagement photo! Punch your design with our Heart Punch then glue it into the cap with E-6000 glue. I used a 1/2" Hot Pink Gem for a touch of sparkle.

Once the E-6000 glue fully dries, I filled the cap with 3D Crystal Lacquer. I filled it almost to the rim, and covered the gem partially, then let it dry overnight. Add a magnet to the back to create a refrigerator magnet and your guests can easily remember the date they're saving!!

*Important Tip:
Ink Jet printed images and 3D Crystal Lacquer have produced mixed results. Images and text printed on some printers have eventually started to blur and on others it was fine. If you don't want to risk it there are two solutions:
  • #1 Have your images/designs printed on a laser printer or copier. (If you're not lucky enough to own one take your printed design or digital file to a copy center like Staples, Office Depot, etc. It's easy and pretty inexpensive.)
  • #2 Forget the 3D Crystal Laquer and use our Heart Epoxy Dots. Made specially for our heart tins.


I love the idea of adding "something blue" by making a charm for the bride's bouquet. There are so many different ways to make this charm, but here's just one idea I came up with. I linked together two Petal Caps with a split ring, and then added some blue ribbon at the top to tie around the bouquet. I glued down an image from our wedding image sheets and then covered it with an epoxy dot. I glued down a 1" Sapphire gem in the bottom cap and TA DA, all finished! Super simple and super cute! This could work as a bridal bouquet charm, and could also work as a bouquet charm on all the bridesmaids bouquets.


A really fun gift idea for the newlyweds is a magnet set complete with wedding images. One of the biggest trends this year for weddings is burlap so I thought burlap bottle caps would be perfect for the magnet set. We have these really fun and cute wedding images that work perfectly with the burlap bottle caps. All you need for this project is bottle caps, images, epoxy dots, magnets and some glue! It's as simple as that!


The last idea that I loved was using a bottle cap to add a little decor to the reception. I found an old dictionary and cut out the definition for "bride" then glued it onto the burlap bottle cap. This cap be tied around all the napkins during the reception, around the programs or even used as a necklace for some fun photos.

The possibilities are endless so have fun crafting for your special day!

Don't forget to check out our Wedding Craft Pinterest page for more crafting ideas:

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