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Bottle Caps and Card Making

Bottle Caps and Card Making
Use a photo and a flattened bottle cap to make any card more personal.

A Quick How To

Just punch the image out of your photo with our 1" Hole Punch and glue it into your flattened bottle cap using E-6000 glue, then top it off with a 1" epoxy dot.

If you'd like to turn your card into a handmade gift just use your E600 Glue to add a Neodymium Magnet to the back of the cap. 1/4" or 1/2" magnets are both slim and strong and perfect for the back or your cap.

Christmas Images

Check out our selection of Christmas Images to help create a fun and whimsical Christmas card...I used "Jumbo Santa Baby" images and cut them out with a 1" hole punch, and I also used "Funky Christmas" images to complete these cards.

Photo Magnets

Use our 1/2" x 1/16" magnets so parents and grandparents can transfer their card photo to their fridge!

Flattened Bottle Caps

Try different colors and color schemes of flattened caps for your holiday embellished cards!

Create your design using our bright and colorful caps...

...or go with a more neutral color scheme.

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