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Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas

Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas
Jumbo Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament

Jumbo Christmas Ornament Supplies

Jumbo Bottle Cap
Standard Flattened Bottle Cap
Epoxy Dots
Jump Rings
Scrapbook Paper and Christmas Bottle Cap Images

Photo Christmas Ornaments

Photo Christmas Ornament Supplies

Jumbo Bottle Cap Ornaments
1 3/4" Epoxy Dots
1 3/4" Hole Punch

Army Photo Christmas Ornaments

Military Photo Christmas Ornament Supplies

Jumbo Bottle Cap Ornaments
1 3/4" Epoxy Dots
1 3/4" Hole Punch
A Cherished Photo and a 1 3/4" Bottle Cap Design

Bottle Cap Christmas Ornament
Chalk Art Christmas Images paired with a favorite photo of your loved one. The Jumbo Cap is shown as a Christmas ornament but it could also be an awesome fridge magnet just by gluing a magnet to the back.

Vintage Family Photos

Turn your favorite black and white or vintage family photos into a cherished Christmas ornament. Add some color or sparkle with yarn or Acrylic Gems.


Use Premium Epoxy Dots to prevent yellowing of the image over time.
We also recommend making a copy of your vintage family photo to use in your ornament rather than using the actual photo.

Use Scrapbook Papers!

Make trendy ornaments by using currently trending scrapbook papers and patterns. When the paper designs go out of style simply glue another one over the top.

Double Sided Foam Stickers

Use double sided foam stickers to add some depth to your bottle cap scrap designs. Fun!

Home Decor and Handmade Gifts

Vintage Letter Press Tiles

Inspirational Word Magnets

Make a handmade gift for someone using these Vintage Letter Press Inspired Wood Tiles. Spell a word or name that means something special to your friend or loved one. Glue a magnet to the back. Put it in a metal tin with some cute paper and you've got a special handmade Christmas gift!

Word Magnet Supplies

Letter Press Alphabet Set
Letter Press Number and Symbol Set
1/4" x 1/16" Magnets
E-6000 Glue

Vintage Letter Press Block Home Decor

Letter Press Block Decoupage Supplies

Christmas Scrapbook Paper
5" Letter Press Blocks
Mod Podge
Nail File or Sand Paper

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Vintage Bottle Cap Necklace Root Beer

Christmas Bottle Cap Necklace with Heart Charm

Bottle Cap Necklace Supplies

Bottle Cap Pendants
Bottle Cap Download and Print Images or Paper Images
Standard Size Clear Epoxy Dots
Ball Chain Necklaces

Mini Cap Ring Supplies

Adjustable Silver Plated Ring Base
Mini Bottle Cap
1/2" Gem or Flower Cabochon
E-6000 Glue

Alphabet Tile Ring Supplies

Adjustable Silver Plated Ring Base
E-6000 Glue
3/4" Square Wood Alphabet Tiles
3/4" Square Images

Mini Bottle Cap Bobby Pins and Hair Accessories

Mini Bottle Cap Bobby Pin Supplies

Bobby Pins
Mini Bottle Caps
1/2" Gems and/or Flower Cabochons
E-6000 Glue

Flattened Bottle Cap Card Embellishments

If you have any questions about any of the project ideas listed above please feel free to call us. We'd love to help! 1-800-640-9978

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