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These strong little metal clips paired with bottle caps are a great opportunity to give shoes and other apparel and accessories a one-of-a-kind look. Don't be afraid to experiment a little, and definitely don't miss your next CLIPORTUNITY!!


The shoe clips are simple to glue onto any bottle cap. We used E-6000 to glue them down. Make sure you use enough glue so that it oozes over the edges of the metal, be sure to glue the clip close to the edge and let dry overnight before clipping.


Shoes are definitely the easiest to add a clip too, it not only adds a unique touch to every pair, but it's a fun and simple DIY craft project!

Bottle Cap Shoe Clips

Football season is here... which means it's time to pull out those favorite colors and dress them up with a little something new! We clipped a chrome bottle cap to a pair of flip flops with our Topaz 1" Gem Stone

Bottle Cap Tennis Shoe Accessories


Bottle Cap Headband Clip
Need an extra touch of sparkle? We added this clip to a fun feather-filled headband... Halloween anyone?

Bottle Cap Hat Clip
Check out Pinterest for cute and creative ideas on how to make fabric flowers!

Bottle Cap Pin
The perfect opportunity to clip for your cause.

Bottle Cap Bracelet Clip
Clip a bottle cap to your leather wrap-around bracelet, a unique personalized gift opportunity!

The possibilities are endless with our shoe clips.. so have fun, be crafty and remember, don't miss out on your next cliportunity!

Reader Comments

Date 5/9/2013
So cute!!!
Date 7/19/2013
Pat barber
How do you order these clips?
Date 7/19/2013
Hi Pat, You can find them here:

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