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DIY: BATH Letter Press Block Home Decor

DIY: BATH Letter Press Block Home Decor
This is one of those fun, easy and satisfying home decor projects that will leave you with a unique and personalized piece of diy home decor. Pretty crafty! And all you need is about 20 minutes... promise!

Letter Press Block Home Decor Supplies
letter press block home decor diy
Here's what you'll need to gather:

Color Your Letters
Drip the ink on your block and then spread it over the surface with a sponge brush or paper towel.

alcohol inks and letter press blocks
A little bit goes a long way.
Completely cover your letter or dab the ink on unevenly for a well used look that's reminiscent of those type blocks from old letter press printing beds.

letter press block home decor diy

For this project I chose to cover the surface of the letter.

Distress It!
Use a fine sandpaper to distress the edges of your letter. This step is optional and you can choose to sand as much or as little as you like according to the style you're going for.

distress your letter press block with sand paper

Seal It Up
I chose to seal my letters since they will be in a bathroom, but this step is optional and you can choose any sealer you are comfortable with. I recommend Mod Podge for a matte finish and the Vintage Glaze for a little shine. The sealer is not necessary for color fastness because the alcohol ink soaks into the wood kind of like a stain, but it does give the letters a slightly more polished look.

seal the ink with Vintage Glaze

Coat the Surface Evenly
coat the surface of the letter press block

Choose multiple colors like I did or keep it simple.

letter press block detail photo

A unique display for your home or as a quality, personalized gift for friends or family. Our 5" Letter Press Blocks are 1" thick and stand up nicely on bookshelves, fireplaces or wherever you may want to display them.

Bath Letterpress Block Home Decor

Reader Comments

Date 7/24/2013
why does the 'T' appear to have a different thickness than the other letters? thanks!
Date 7/25/2013
Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment! Actually the "T" is the same thickness as the other letters, I believe the way we took the pictures may have made that letter look thicker, but it is the same as all the other letters! Hope this helps! :)

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