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DIY Bottle Cap Musical Instrument

DIY Bottle Cap Musical Instrument
During their time in elementary school each of my kids were assigned to make a homemade musical instrument. These projects were fun for my kiddos but lots of work for me in helping to track down supplies and making sure the instrument actually worked when completed. So with that in mind we created this easy, fun DIY Bottle Cap Musical Instrument Kit./

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DIY Musical Instrument Supplies

Close Up

You can see in the picture below that the size of the hole that comes cleanly pre-punched in the bottle cap allows plenty of room for the bottle cap to wiggle and shake (and make noise!)

Close up of bottle cap shaker instrument.

Decide On Placement

Figure out how you would like to place the bottle caps on your wood dowel. The photo below shows one idea. It can also be fun for the kids to flatten the bottle caps with a hammer before attaching them to the dowel. (always fun to take a hammer to something and smash it!) Another idea, if you have some spray paint and a little more time, add some color to your instrument by giving the bottle caps a quick coat of paint before attaching them to the dowel.

Bottle Cap Musical Instrument Shaker How To

Pre-hammer Your Holes

Since the nails are wide, I highly suggest pre-hammering the holes where you would like to place your bottle caps. Hammer them enough to where the nail will stand up on its own. Then pull the nail out with the claw of the hammer. Set your bottle caps over the hole and place the nail through the center and into the hole. The nail and two bottle caps will stand up on their own. Next, hold the dowel firmly in place with your hand and give the nail a good whack, or two or three. If you've pre-hammered the holes there is no need to hold the nail with your fingers. (Much easier on your fingers!) One more tip, don't get the nail too deep in the wood or the caps won't shake very well.

Pre-hammer your nail holes in the wooden dowel.

Hammering Out The Details

The photo below shows about how deep to hammer the nail. The set on the far right have been hammered into the wood.

The second set, in the middle of the photo, has not been hammered yet, only placed into the pre-hammered hole. You can see how it sits in place on its own because of the pre-hammered hole.

The third nail, on the left, shows about how deep to pre-hammer the nail hole. Hopefully this helps!

Close up of bottle cap shaker instrument.

Almost Finished!

You can see that there are plenty of bottle caps and nails to make two shaker instruments! Have fun!

Finished Bottle Cap Shaker Musical Instrument

Add Some Color!

Here is an idea for adding some color to your bottle cap shaker instrument. Paint your dowels and nailheads with craft paint. This step should go first because it's much easier to paint your wood dowels before adding the bottle caps.

Painted Bottle Cap Shaker Musical Instrument


All finished and ready to make some "beautiful" music! :0)

Finished Bottle Cap Shaker Musical Instrument Idea

If you have any questions about this project or need any crafting tips, feel free to call our customer service line. 1-800-640-9978

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Date 6/25/2019
Emmanuella Vieira
What are some of the materials needed to make a rattle, and does it look like.

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