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DIY: ZOE Letter Press Block Home Decor

DIY: ZOE Letter Press Block Home Decor
You'll have fun with a hammer and nails in this simple DIY home decor project using bottle caps and 5" Wooden Letter Press Blocks from

ZOE Letter Press Block Supplies

letter press block home decor diy

Here's what you'll need to gather:

Smash Your Caps!

Hammer smashed bottle caps, so cool!
Smash them as much or as little as you like. Have fun!!
Hammer smashed mini caps
Try different techniques with your mini caps. I found that it was easiest to smash them flat, then hammer them on the block and shape them after they're attached. (detail photo below)

For the mini cap on the top right I used the claw edge of the hammer to just slightly turn the edge out.

More hammering! Attach the caps to the block.

Attach your bottle cap to the Letter Block

Fine Tune Your Flowers

fine tune the flower shape
After you've attached the caps use your hammer to shape and flatten the caps however you think looks best. In this picture the top bottle cap was sticking up a little so I tapped on the edge to lay it down.

Use claw to shape the mini cap into a leaf.
Use the hammer's claw to shape your mini cap leaves.

Detail Pics

Close ups so you can see the details.

letter press block detail photo
Layer mini caps over standard caps for a sweet flower center.

letter press block close up photo
Three nails instead of one in the center of the cap makes a great flower center as well.


It's easy to create lots of different looks from shabby chic to industrial with 5" Letter Press Blocks.
(Letter Press Blocks are 1" thick, perfect as free standing shelf decor or creative wall mounts)

Name Letterpress Block Home Decor

Find a brightly colored frame and mount the letters inside or prop them on your daughters desk, dresser or book shelves. The finished product will look great in your daughter's bedroom.

You could also do a boy version just by choosing "boy" colors for your project. Smashed vintage bottle caps are a good choice for boys too.

Also, and I was kind of wishing I would've done this, you could white wash the letters before adding the embellishments and it would add a very creative shabby chic twist to your project.

Learn how to create that aged paint look on your Letter Press Blocks here:

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