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How Make Jewelry Loops

How Make Jewelry Loops

Jewelry Loops

Step by step how to make the jewelry loop that allows you to wear your bottle cap bead as a necklace pendant, attach it to a key chain or anything else you may dream up.

Essential jewelry making tools and some Bottle Cap Co. supplies

These tools can be found at most any craft or jewelry store. I got mine for $10 about 10 years ago and they're still going strong! (These 3 tools came in a set of 5)


Prepare your pendant by adding the beads to the bead pin.


Using your flat nose pliers bend your bead pin to a 90 degree angle.


Then grab your round nose pliers and wrap your wire around it by beginning the bend with your finger. Then squeeze the end with your flat nose pliers and pull tightly around the curve of the round nose pliers. You may have to reposition the round nose pliers as you complete the circle.


Grab your wire cutters and position them just inside the inner edge of the loop. Clip off the extra wire. Using your flat nose pliers squeeze the loop to flatten. You may have a perfect loop at this point or you may need to use your tools to perfect the angle and shape of your loop. It takes a little practice but you'll get it!

Finished Jewelry Loop!

Interested in designing with our bottle cap beads?

Check out our bottle cap bead blog for some tips and inspiring finished product pics!

There are a few different methods of creating jewelry loops and as you practice you'll develop the technique and style that work best for you.

If you like videos visit and search "simple loop jewelry making" or "how to make a wrapped loop".

Reader Comments

Date 11/7/2011 9:09:16 PM
I am wanting to start making these bottle cap as necklace's and key chain's. I have never done this before and have no idea what to do, I also would like to do the jewerly punch and make bracelets and again have no idea where to purchase the things i need, Thanks Kim
Date 11/9/2011 9:51:54 AM
Hi Kim! You should call our customer service: 800-640-9978. They love to help explain and point out what kinds of tools are useful and which ones you might be able to do without. They can also explain all the ins and outs of creating with bottle caps and help you order over the phone if you would like or you can order on the internet later. Thanks for the question!
Date 8/8/2012 9:18:26 PM
janet jacobs
how do u make bottlecap hair bow. what supplies i need.
Date 7/27/2013
Delores Edgerton
question: I am new at this craft (bottle cap craft) do you have instructios on how to do this. It seems to be interesting. Thank you, Delores Edgerton [email protected]
Date 2/24/2014
Do you have a kit to make the bottle cap beads?
Date 2/24/2014
Delores -- the only instructions we have for this specific project is this blog. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you have about this craft! Debbie -- We do not sell a kit for this project. You can purchase the bottle cap beads with or without the pendant finding. We do not sell any of the tools but those can be found at a local craft store!
Date 10/7/2021
Cómo se redondean las tapas de refrescos ?
Date 7/23/2022
Reba johnston
Is there a machine I can buy to do the caps that way
Date 7/23/2022
Reba johnston
Is there a machine I can buy to do the caps that way
Date 7/25/2022
Bottle Cap Co
Hi Reba- sorry to say that we no longer have the item, and I am not sure how exactly they are made as we did not make them out of caps ourselves. Jeff
Date 2/12/2023
Aurora Daughtry
To the webmaster, Thanks for the well written post!

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