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How To Use Our Split Ring Tool

How To Use Our Split Ring Tool
Split Ring Tool

Bottle cap pendants and charms made easy!

Scroll our photo tutorial below to learn how to use this time and
energy saving tool for attaching a split ring to a bottle cap.

Prepare your bottle cap for the split ring by punching a 1/16 inch hole in the rim.

Split Ring Close Up

Split the coil by placing the curved side of the split ring tool between
the coil - lightly squeeze the handles together.

Twist the tool into the coil so that the straight end is holding the coil open.

Grab your cap and slip the start of the coil onto the cap.

Remove the tool from the split ring and reposition it on the ring as shown. Squeeze your tool and turn counter clockwise while applying slight upward pressure on the ring in order to twist the coil onto your bottle cap.

This part takes just a bit of practice to get the feel, but in a short time you'll be saving money by creating your own bottle cap pendants and charms.

TA DA! Your very own bottle cap pendant. Ready for a beautiful design!

Reader Comments

Date 10/23/2011 5:10:11 PM
very informative!!! I have always wondered if there was an easier way for split rings!
Date 11/28/2011 12:10:23 PM
Thank you for the great comment Jennie!
Date 7/20/2012 2:16:13 PM
....carol stewart
hi..just wondering, how do yo attach the bottlt cap to the bracelet.....they are so cute, and i am so new at this! thank you carol
Date 10/3/2013
Devan Reichert
Can the 1/16" hole punch be used on the mini bottle caps or is it too big?
Date 10/3/2013
Kaylan (Customer Service)
Hi Devan, That's a great question! The 1/16" Hole Punch can be used on any of our bottle caps that we use. So it will definitely work great with the mini caps.
Date 12/13/2014
Hello! What does it mean if you get a "jagged" hole when you use the bottle cap punch? The tool is brand new. Thank-you!!
Date 12/15/2014
Chadwick (Customer Service)
Cheryl, if your hole is jagged you might want to replace the punch pin. You're using a 1/16 hole punch right?
Date 8/21/2018
Diana nighswonger
Im trying to connect bottle caps in a sort of rectangle for a curtain to hand over my sink standard rod, what tool is it called metal 1 16th punch where do i get it. Holes have to b even two at top and two at sides to attach to each otherso they dont. Spin. What do i attach them with regular jump rings but what size. Help please. Cant find a good video how to on this.
Date 2/24/2023
Lauren McWhae
Hello owner, Nice post!

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