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How to Make Bottle Cap Hair Bows

How to Make Bottle Cap Hair Bows
Bottle cap hair bows are the perfect accessory for any occasion, and they're even better when you can interchange the bottle caps!! This is a simple and fun craft with only a few materials required.

Bottle Cap Hair Bow Ideas

Bottle Cap Hair Bows

Supply List:

Bottle Cap Hair Bows

Step One:

Make several "figure 8's" with your ribbon, gluing it down in the center. (You don't need very much glue, just enough to hold it.) Experiment with different lengths of ribbon to create your bow...I used varying lengths and widths to get the look I liked best.

Magnetic Bottle Cap Hair Bow

Step Two:

Once the ribbon has fully dried, glue the magnet on the top.

Bottle Cap Bow on a Bobby Pin

I glued a black bobby pin on the back, these work as well as other hair accessories like barrettes and headbands, etc.
When the magnet is completely dry go ahead and pop on your bottle cap... and why not try a few more while you're at it!!

Finished hair bow ideas:

Mini Bottle Cap Headband Accessory
You can use Mini Bottle Caps and 1/2" Gems to get this look.

Nylon Bottle Cap Headband for Baby
The headband in this photo is a nylon necklace, perfect for babies because they're soft but strong. Add fabric flowers to your headband using the bottle cap as a base. Haven't seen much about the fabric flowers craze? Just Google "fabric flowers" or even better, search Pinterest. You'll see lots of creative and beautiful inspiration for your next hair bow design.

Sparkly Bottle Cap Hair Bow

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Date 1/22/2013
silvia palomino solis
como puedo comproar o hablar con alguien en espanol me interesa los bottie y los epoxy

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