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Mini Cap Ideas and Inspiration

Mini Cap Ideas and Inspiration
Pastel Colored Mini Bottle Caps

Mini Cap Rings!

Mini cap rings make a simple fun party craft or take home! They're unique, hassle free and easy on the party budget.
Your kids will love to make 'em sparkle with an acrylic gem or personalize them with a paper image!

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Our ½" IMAGES are the perfect starting point to make these bright, fun, personalized rings.

Mini Cap Charm Bracelets

Create personalized charm bracelets using our new charms and black mini bottle caps.
Make one for yourself, or for the women in your life…Christmas IS just around the corner!

Mini Cap Magnets

Create some refrigerator word fun using our mini caps and 1/4 inch magnets!

Make a chore chart for your children...a fun and creative way to help keep them on task!

Reader Comments

Date 9/8/2012 6:16:27 PM
Karyn Biggs
Can you please advise on how to fill the back of the cap with out making it hurt your skin when u wear it. And how to make the correct holes ., for necklaces thanks
Date 9/11/2012 8:51:45 AM
Karyn, thanks for your question! We haven't come across the problem of the caps hurting skin before, but here are some suggestions. I believe most people put their designs inside the caps so that the flat part of the cap is resting against the skin. As for punching a hole in the cap, I recommend punching the hole from the outside in. I hope this helps answer your questions. Feel free to call our customer service if you have any questions. :)
Date 3/8/2023
Callie Reveley
Dear webmaster, Thanks for the post!

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