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Ranger Patina Ink Tips and Inspiration

Ranger Patina Ink Tips and Inspiration
Have you seen our new Ranger Patina Inks? They're specially made to adhere to metal and perfect for bottle caps! There are so many things to do with them! Imagine the possibilities and use these practical tips and ideas to create something awesome!


Here's a list of a few things you might need:

Draw Designs or Write Words
With a steady hand and some patience you can make designs or write words right on the bottle cap with the Ranger Inks. Here I used coordinating colors to make a set. Also try using a fine paint brush.


When using the inks to draw art I found that the less detailed it was the better it looked. It was also a lot easier to make a great design on the oversized bottle caps, rather than using the standard size. It's always a good idea to have an extra cap on hand in case of a mistake and don't squeeze too hard!

Color the Whole Cap
With the Ranger Patina Inks it's really easy to color oversized caps!

See How It's Done:

When using ink to cover the large caps, the Ranger Glaze comes in handy because it also works as an extender and will make your ink go farther!

Apply a generous amount of Ranger Glaze and then add a bit of your colored Ranger Ink into the mix.

Mix it together using a toothpick or something disposable. Keep in mind: this can get really messy! It's a good idea to wear gloves to protect your skin.

Use a foam craft brush to paint your cap. If you are having trouble getting it smooth, add more extender and more ink.

Once you have it all covered move it over using the brush so that it doesn't stick to your surface as it dries. Let it dry for a couple hours or overnight.

Decorate Your Colored Cap
Remember the set of bottle caps above? How about a colored cap to match? Words and designs look so cool on such a boldly colored cap.


For this cap I used Verdigris and Victorian Gold. Make sure and give your base color plenty of time to dry before creating your design, it can feel dry to the touch and still smudge.

Patina Your Caps
Give caps a distressed vintage look with Ranger Patina Inks. Apply a color to any cap, let it dry completely, and choose a tool to distress! Endless Possibilities!

Shake well and apply thin layers when distressing, it better allows the layers to show through.

Very light sanding is needed to create a good distressed look.


Here is an example of what it looks like when trying to distress a cap that hasn't dried for at least a couple hours. They felt dry but when I sanded them they sort of peeled and scratched. I also learned that contrasting colors don't look as good as tone on tone when trying to achieve an authentic Patina look.

Patina Your Charms
Give your charms a vintage look or make them bright and colorful!

Patina Charms look great with Patina caps for necklaces, key chains, and more!


The trick to getting a Patina look is layers and imperfection! A good way to add on layers is a "dry brush" technique. You can see in the photo that before I brushed on the green I brushed a lot of it off onto the paper, this makes applying a small, imperfect, amount much easier.

Wouldn't this look great as wall decor?
Add a coordinating frame for a complete look!

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