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Using Alcohol Inks to Enhance your Projects

Using Alcohol Inks to Enhance your Projects
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Use a paintbrush to color the petals of your Jumbo Petal Caps. So cute!

Color Oversize Caps

Blue alcohol ink painted on the edges of this Super Jumbo Bottle Cap enhanced the vintage look of these sillouette Christmas ornaments.


Give your Acrylic Gems a vintage look by dabbing earthtone alcohol ink on them.

Make your 5" Letter Press Blocks look like authentic vintage letter press blocks by using a sponge brush or a paper towel to dab on the alcohol ink. They'll look like they've been inked and cleaned over and over.

Go BSU!!

Use alcohol inks to stain your letters and then distress them with fine sand paper. Even your husband will love this one!

Detail Photo

You Are My Sunshine

Apply alcohol ink with a sponge brush or paper towel and then distress the edges slightly with fine sand paper.
Apply paper decoupage using Mod Podge and a nail file or sand paper.
Add mixed media embellishments to suit your style.
Sharpies work great for writing words on the blocks or drawing patterns.

Magnet Gift Sets

"Family" A metal tin and scrap paper adds the perfect touch to this magnet gift set.

"Beautiful Friend"
Letter Press Tiles, Neodymium Magnets and Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

Cutie Pie

Mixed media photo home decor projects.

Bingo Chip Jewelry, Magnets and Mixed Media

Wood Bingo Chips antiqued with Tim Holtz Cabin Cupboard Alchohol Inks

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