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Vintage Bottle Cap Crafts

Vintage Bottle Cap Crafts
Here's a photo list of craft and jewelry inspiration and ideas. Make good use of those unique, nostalgic vintage bottle caps of yours!
Don't have any caps yet? Don't worry you can grab some here:

Vintage Bottle Cap Key Chains

Baseball Vintage Bottle Cap Key Chain
Key Chains and/or backpack clips are some of the most common items that are made with bottle caps. They're simple and fun to make, can be personalized and last a long time.

Project Supplies:

More Vintage Bottle Cap Key Chains

Bottle Cap Key Chain Gift
Make a one of a kind gift for a friend!

Go Pink Cancer Awareness Bottle Cap Key Chain
Add some sparkle to your day!

Use Bottle cap key chains, magnets and jewelry to raise awareness for your cause and/or support your team. Or sell the items to raise funds.

Sports team fundraiser bottle cap items
Swim team fundraiser ideas.

Dance team fundraiser bottle cap items
Dance team fundraiser ideas.

Oh Happy Day Bottle Cap Key Chain
Oh Happy Day Chalk Art Bottle Cap Designs

Oh Happy Day Bottle Cap Key Chain
More key chain design ideas. Cloth and Quotes Bottle Cap Images PDF Download

Popsicle Stick Frames and Vintage Bottle Caps

Boys Craft Popsicle Stick Picture Frame
This is a fun craft for boys! They'll get to use a hammer and the finished product will show off their sports accomplishments. (Of course girls would love this also!) Give them some bottle caps and a hard sturdy surface and let them hammer away. Then grab some photos, popsicle sticks and glue.

Popsicle Stick Picture Frames for Boys

Vintage Bottle Cap Message Boards and Mosaics

Bottle Cap Mosaics
Use Vintage Bottle Caps to create some unique home decor items.

Magnetic Bottle Cap Message Board
Magnetic Bottle Cap Message Board. Choose your bottle caps, nail or glue them to your pallet or wood surface. Grab some magnets and you're done!

DIY Magnetic Bottle Cap Message Board
Here's a more rustic example that just might fit in perfectly in your getaway cabin in the woods!

Vintage Bottle Cap Mosaic State Art
Chose your bottle caps, choose your mosaic shape, pick your canvas and create a one of a kind mosaic! This one represents the beautiful state of Idaho just in case you didn't recognize it :0)

Fun Family Activity!

Bottle Cap Mosaics
Keep a bottle cap jar on display in your home somewhere. Each family member can add their treasured finds to the collection. It's fun for everyone to be a part! The jar will soon fill up and you'll find that there's usually a special memory attached to each cap.

A Random Mix of Ideas

Bottle Cap Pin Cushion Ring
Bottle Cap Pin Cushion Ring. Ring bases are here.

Vintage bottle Cap Belt
Vintage Bottle Cap Belt.

Up Style Vintage Bottle Cap Pin
Up Style Vintage Bottle Cap Pin.

Bottle Cap Beads
Hand crafted Bottle Cap Beads. Learn more here. Buy them here.

Bottle Cap Letter Home Decor
Unique home decor opportunities.

Vintage Bottle Cap Magnets

Vintage Bottle Cap Magnets
Unique bottle cap magnets are easy and fun to make. Use photos, scrap papers or anything else you can think of to fill that 1 inch diameter space. Use epoxy dots or 3D Crystal Lacquer to seal your design.

Vintage bottle Cap Magnet Set
Another bottle cap fridge magnet idea.

Bottle Cap Magnet Gift Set
Bottle Cap Magnet Gift Set

Custom Bottle Cap Magnet Set
Use our Editable Bottle Cap Images to make a custom set of magnets. Pictured here: Conversation Bubbles Editable Bottle Cap Images.

Bottle Cap Magnet Ideas
More bottle cap magnet ideas using Vintage Bottle Caps.

Bottle Cap Magnet Ideas
Days of the week vintage bottle cap magnets.

Vintage Bottle Cap Necklaces

Vintage Bottle Cap Necklaces
Unique bottle cap necklaces for the holidays.

Vintage Bottle Cap Necklace Supplies
Vintage monogram necklace idea. Find the image sheet here: Typewriter Alphabet Bottle Cap Images Printed

Vintage Bottle Cap Necklace with Sparkle
Add some sparkle to your design with Acrylic Gems.

Kids Bottle Cap Necklace Ideas
Children's bottle cap necklace inspiration. Add a sparkly Mini Cap Charm to your design.

Bottle Cap Birthday Party Take Home Ideas
Make necklaces, back pack charms, key chains or magnets as a party take home!

Beaded bottle cap necklace
Add value and interest to your bottle cap necklace design by making or buying a beaded necklace strand to pair it with!

Ginger Ale Beaded bottle cap necklace
One more because I love Ginger Ale!

Happy Crafting! If you have any questions about any of the project ideas listed above please feel free to call us. We'd love to help! 1-800-640-9978

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Date 11/4/2018
Debra Mote
How can I get instructions for the tic-tac-toe bottle caps?
Date 11/22/2019
M Alias Lani
Wanted to start a biz using this bottle cap. What type of printer would be idle? And paper?

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