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Wooden Bingo Chips... Oh the fun possibilities!

Wooden Bingo Chips... Oh the fun possibilities!

The mixed media, paper craft and jewelry possibilities are
endless with our 1" dia. Bingo chips!


Bingo Chip Magnets

Supplies Used: Bingo Chips, E6000 Glue, Neodymium Magnets

Bingo chip magnets are great for refrigerators and message boards, a fun gift for Bingo lovers!

Bingo Chips & Alcohol Inks

Supplies Used: Bingo Chips and Alcohol Inks, 1" Premium Epoxy Dots

TIPS: Use alcohol inks to color or antique your bingo chips. Just drip the ink onto the surface using the tip that comes on the inks. You might want to wear rubber gloves unless you like your fingertips to have that "artsy" look for the day :0)

Bingo chips are a natural wood product and the grain of the wood will vary from piece to piece. Every now and then I came across a chip that I wanted to touch up the black area with my black Sharpie. I also added the black lines on the #6 chip in the pic with it. Lots of fun!

Bingo Chip Necklaces

Supplies Used: Bingo Chips, E6000 Glue, 3D Crystal Lacquer, Jewelry Charms, Split Rings, Eye Hooks, Epoxy Dots, Flattened Bottle Caps, Ball Chains, Alchohol Inks

Flattened Cap Pendant + Bingo Chip + Alcohol Ink + Glitter + E6000

Bingo Chip + Eye Hook + Alcohol Ink + Paper Word Cut Outs + 3D Crystal Lacquer + Jewelry Charms

I was able to screw in the eye hooks with my fingers without predrilling, however sometimes the Bingo chip will crack if you don't predrill because of the variations in wood grain. If you'd like to play it safe, drill a hole with a 1/32" drill bit before screwing in the eye hook. If you're going to go for it without predrilling I recommend doing so BEFORE adding alcohol ink or 3D Crystal Lacquer or any other treatment to the Bingo chip.

Screw the eye hook into the Bingo chip, glue the Bingo chip to the flattened cap, then add the split ring to the eye hook. Its makes a nice polished look. Add a design to the backside for a two sided necklace.

Bingo Chip Key Chain

Supplies Used: Bingo Chip, 3D Crystal Lacquer, Split Rings, Eye Hooks, Flattened Bottle Caps, Key Chain, Bottle Cap Images, Standard 1" Epoxy Dot

Make a custom key chain for someone special!

Bingo Chip Charm

Supplies Used: Bingo Chip, 3D Crystal Lacquer, Paper Cut Outs, Eye Hook, Green Alcohol Ink

Creative Space! Customize the back of your Bingo chip.

When using 3D Crystal Lacquer to seal your design its safest to use laser printed or copied images and/or magazine cutouts. Sometimes inkjet printed images blur out.

Do you have other Bingo chip ideas or tips?
Share them by leaving a comment below.

Thanks! HAVE FUN!

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